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Previous Entries - 2009

February, 2010

Continuing to learn the basics of off-loom bead weaving techniques. I enjoyed a fabulous color class with Beverly Ash Gilbert last year and recently purchased her book. For someone very new to jewelry work using needle and thread, her book is a great beginner resource.

I have also learned the very basic square stitch and right angle weave from Kate McKinnon via email and attempting her Groovy Cuff! The picture is Kate's sample photo that accompanied her excellent directions ( Check out the fabulous "rams horn" clasp and dual layer of bead weaving which allows for reversibility!








Encouraged after completing a couple of kits, I decided to play around and see what I could come up with on my own. The simple square stitched cuff with watery blue seed beads and 4mm brown/blue cubes, was inspired by dreams of warm Caribbean waters this COLD New England winter.

And just for fun, a some additional simple striped square stitched bracelets.

While vacationing in Daytona and looking for some distraction from the NASCAR races, I attempted the Russian spiral stitch with some pretty 3 mm bicones and size 11 silver lined seed beads purchased at the Beading Boutique in Altamonte Springs, FL. They were very welcoming and allowed me to spend the day playing! I was reminded how important it is to support your local bead store. Nothing beats seeing the merchandise in person and getting great advice and instruction.

This seed beady detour, has motivated me to work on designing some unique closures and caps next. The stuff at the bead stores while adequate to get the job done, seems blah.


June, 2010

Egyptian Corset Stitch cuff - picture by Kate McKinnon

Ok, the detour continues. That darn Kate Mckinnon has created a genuine interest working with those itty bitty beads! I love her design aesthetic going beyond the typical peyote stitch. I find peyote lacks dimension and leaves me feeling flat.

Below is the start of one of her bracelet kits combining the square stitch interspersed with a row of right angle weave creating a lovely pattern Kate calls "corset stitch".  It is not only pretty and different, but very sturdy with typically 3 passes of thread in each bead. This kit is the Egyptian Corset Stitch which has sold out at her web store. I varied the pattern a wee bit lengthening the rows of square stitch.

Finished! This was a fun project and found the kit format a hassle free way to learn a new technique.

Note the evolution of Kate's Ram Horn Clasp to the Ball End Clasp.


August, 2010

I had a special request for some beaded jewelry, so am back to my comfort zone handling beads more easily SEEN.


I also made a neckpiece using Indian Pink Swarovski Crystals with a twisted 14K gold filled wire using a pattern designed by Joy Thomas. I changed up the clasp design to make it looser and easier to attach and reshaped the collar to wear lower on the neck instead of a choker.