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Oh, so many resources! 


This area will be expanded continuously to support class projects. Here are a sample of my favorites and humble recommendations...


General Supplies:    

BEST overall one-stop-shopping and selection -

     Fire Mountain Gems

BEST metal working supplies, tools, metal clay related -     

     Rio Grande


Beading and Art Jewelry Resources and Classes:

     Bead & Button Show, Milwaukee every June - Kalmbach Publishing

     Beads and Baubles, PBS beaded jewelry series (free project downloads)

     Art Jewelry Magazine

     Fire Mountain Gems, check out their excellent resource section which includes

     "how to" videos

     How To TV Online, subscription site with general crafts including jewelry

     Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist magazine

     Step by Step Wire    

     Bead Fest, tradeshow and classes

     Beading Daily, instructions, patterns, videos - Interweave Press

     Jewelry Recipes, BEST wire wrap loop and briolette directions!


Fine Silver (in addition to Rio Grande)

     GSG Gold, fine silver and sterling wire and findings

     CC Silver, fine silver and silversmithing supplies      


Brass Filigree

      Guyot Brothers, "Wicked" great resource for brass filigree and findings!

Metal Clay 


Simply the best authoritative guide for the proper and safe handling of metal clay! Click on photo to link to her site. Start HERE then move on to "the others".



MUST SEE - Safe Handling Video

     PMC Guild, networking, great info and gallery

     PMC Connection

     Art Clay Society

     Rio Grande

     Cool Tools

     Whole Lotta Whimsy, clay, supplies, tools

     Metal Clay Findings



This is your guide to learning to create with Precious Metal Clay online, 100% for free. Iíve searched the web for the best of free videos and how-tos, and even more importantly, Iím presenting them to you here in a logical order. The internet is full of free information, but when youíre a beginner, how do you know how to harness that information?

I was inspired to create this tutorial by the concept of a web quest, a teaching tool. According to, ďa WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web.Ē  In this web adventure, I present excellent resources on beginning to work with metal clay, in a logical order. Letís get started!

Tools You Need

Supplies for Beginning Working with Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay, Getting Started and Beyond

How to Work the Clay

Videos from Art Jewelry Magazine: MUST BE A REGISTERED USER, registration is free
Metal Clay

Repairing a Break In Metal Clay

Making Metal Clay Paste

Texturing Metal Clay

More on textures

Rolling & Cutting Metal Clay

Liver of Sulfur Patina

Making Lavender-Oil Paste For Metal Clay

Firing Metal Clay with a Handheld Butane Torch

Video Clips

Rolling Coils

Choosing Combustible Cores

Rehydrating Dryish Clay

Reconstituting Metal Clay

Add gold foil using Keum boo

Stone setting

Using tabbed bezel wire from Metal Clay Findings

Embed prong setting, fire in place, set stone after firing
(free pdf project at Art Jewelry)

Setting Stone using a recessed bezel cup

Stone setting using a plaster plug and making your own fine silver bezel wire (can be made to fit any cabochon stone)

How to Torch Fire

Video Clips:

Video, how to torch fire MUST BE A REGISTERED USER

Which Torch is Best

How To Kiln Fire

How to Tumble-polish

How to add Liver of Sulphur

How to add Liver of Sulphur without dipping

Liver of Sulfur Patina

Iridescent Patina
by Katherine Palochak

Additional skills to use with metal clay:

Make your polymer clay texture plates

Video by Tonya Davidson:

Dry Metal Clay? It Could Be Your Hands (and what to do about it)

What else? Have I missed any essential skill? A great tutorial that you know about? Tell me, and the world, by posting a comment below, and feel free to post the url of the great tutorial you recommend. Thanks!

Creative Commons License
Learn to use Metal Clay, FREE, online! by Elaine Luther is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.  Based on a work at

Iím publishing this under a Creative Commons license (specifically, the Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License). This means you may re-publish it on your blog or website, as long as you donít change it, donít charge for it, and credit me as the creator.